I studied Computer Science and Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and University of California at Irvine. I have completed a Masters on Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology, specialization on Machine Learning through the OMSCS program.

I am working for Palo Alto Insight, writing software to help deploy machine learning based solutions, and automate workflows at Japanese companies with AI. Before that, I spent some time working at Red Hat and CERN .

I think everyone has something worth teaching.

I have lived in Madrid (Spain), Irvine (California, USA), New York City (NY, USA), Geneva (Switzerland) and Ra’anana, near Tel Aviv (Israel)

I like to play the piano, practice boxing (light-welterweight) a couple of times a week, and studying 日本語 (~N4)

I am an alumnus of hackNY , class of 2012. I was a mentor of the 2015 class.

I like to play dancing games, especially In the Groove.

Sometimes I give talks.

I’ve done a bunch of things

and I like to publish my code.

If you need to send me any confidential information, please use my GPG public keys, which you can find on GNUPG or Keybase.