High Availability and Configuration Management

Disclaimer: This is only meant to be a list of experiences and solutions. Ultimately, high availability depends a lot of the particular setup of your application, servers, architecture, etc… If you have had different experiences than those outlined here with this tools, or you feel that we are missing something, please comment, send me an email […]


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Becoming a better software developer is like being in a maze

Nearly every time the word ‘metric’ comes up in software development, is to drop another diss about it. This post is not meant to rant about the latest fad on how to measure code quality (wtfs/minute), monitor your developers (ROI), or count your sushi. Instead, I would like to share how complicated it is to […]


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Why is curry not popular among Rubyists?

I’ve been wondering this one for a while. In fact, as much as I like functional programming, most of the time my Ruby functions are not curried or partially applied in any way. I guess this is because I have always thought of Ruby as a very paradigmatic Object Oriented language, where absolutely everything is […]


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An overview of serialization formats. Numbers and anecdotes.

There are lots of format specifications to serialize your data against. These days, I have been looking for potential alternatives to YAML, which has been my go-to tool for a while, basically because since Rails decided to use YAML from its very beginnings, Ruby developers started to follow the leader and it’s pretty widely used. […]


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Code Tuning, a programming pearl in Ruby

After a few weeks at CERN of not much blogging, I have been mostly flat hunting at one of the most expensive cities in the world. Of course the real estate market is accordingly crazy. This means I spend a big chunk of my spare time on the trolley, which is okay because I borrowed […]


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hackNY Lessons: Week 8

We met Anthony Volodkin from Hype machine and Thatcher Bell, Greg Pass (former Twitter CTO) and Daniel Huttenlocher (Cornell’s Information and Computer Science dean). I had no idea they were trying to open a Cornell branch in NYC (CornellNYC Tech, in partnership with Technion, aka Israel’s MIT), but if someone had to run it, they […]


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Project Euler 4 solution

I am doing Project Euler problems as a way to learn better idiomatic Clojure. Today’s problem really made me realize how cool is clojure. Wording is the following A palindromic number reads the same both ways. The largest palindrome made from the product of two 2-digit numbers is 9009 = 91 *99. Find the largest palindrome […]


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hackNY Lessons: Week 7

Chris Dixon and Josh Knowles were the talks for the week, being the former mostly QA and the second one probably the best presentation on Agile management concepts that I’ve ever seen. It was so much stuff in less than 1 hour and a half, I already know most of it but hell now that’s really ingrained in […]


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Corecursion, codata. Learning by teaching

Four weeks ago I started learning Clojure on my own. I took the bold move of building something awesome without even knowing the syntax, which I hope will eventually learn by doing an Amazon web spider and Project Euler problems. So far it’s being both good and hard at the same time, I kind of […]


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hackNY Lessons: Week 6

Last week we attended two awesome talks. First Peter Bell taught us how to choose your tech stack wisely and it was.. very insightful, especially after me failing to choose the right technologies for my projects. Also he gave lots of tips about hiring people, etc, which are reflected on this list. On Wednesday we […]


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