hackNY Lessons: Week 1

Awesome fellow Terence Nip  had a great idea and he is going to post his weekly learnings on his blog.

Original as I am I will do the same, probably will come with some interesting facts about Mocha this week.

From http://blog.terryatjn.com/post/23778247940/hackny-lessons-week-1 ,


Tech learnings:

  • I can’t decide yet if I should learn Clojure, Haskell, or just focus on Ruby and Jav… Coffeescript really well.
  • Learnt a bit about Mocha and when to stub/mock and object on RSpec testing. I will learn a lot about this for the next 10 weeks.
  • I wrote this little Ruby gem that lets you send emails with a Rails template compiled down from a markdown language. (erb, merb, md and string). Still missing some documentation.
  • I have a really hard time fixing to a certain time span when pair programming + I can’t help writing the code when I watch instead of suggesting to whoever should be writing.
  • git Rebase >>> Pull last version + Merge
  • Integration testing must be hard, they have a fully dedicated person to test with Selenium
  • db/schema.rb might not be as useful as it once was, a lot of data is stored on the cloud nowadays.
  • fixed-point arithmetic is awesome and easier to grasp than floating point, but conversion between both is such a pain in the ass
  • I learnt how to generate sine waves without using math.h and any floating point.

Startup learnings:

  • Can’t stress this enough, but have someone to complement your skill set if you really want to launch anything. It minimizes the chances of being a disaster in some part of the business you would not pay attention to.
  • VC money may sound cool but revenue money sounds even better. It will probably sound better to your parents/ and there is a reason to it.
  • From Ryan co-founder of Codecademy, make your life an experiment. I have this pretty much internalized but whatever you spend time trying out, it’s always an opportunity to discover something you love , hate, or don’t care about. This guy spent a lot of time doing bio-related stuff, code for GPUs, and much more. When you find something you love people will realize.
  • Startup stories sound like fairy tales until they actually tell you the whole process. Deal with it.

Life learnings:

  • The more you do might not always be the more you learn, at least for me. I can’t write anything GOOD on sleep deprivation.
  • Go out and meet people. It’s easier to be said than done but just do it. Knowing who to call and having a person to call to when you’re in trouble is so valuable. Don’t be a dick and act the same if anyone needs your help.
  • Trying to impress people is probably among the most stupid things you can do. Just be yourself no matter what the setting is and be honest. Everyone who you admire has probably been through very shitty times, the point is they were strong enough to get rid of the shit.
  • Finding a way to be in contact with people in Europe during weekdays while working hard is ridiculously hard.
  • Having obligations like homework while surrounded by awesome people meeting up just next door sucks a lot.
  • Next week I’ll force myself to work harder when I get home, I guess the guys at Walgreens will be happy with my daily expenditure on energy drinks.