hackNY Lessons: Week 3

Awesome fellow Terence Nip  had a great idea and he is going to post his weekly learnings on his blog.

We met with Billy Chasen from turntable.fm and Jonah Peretti founder of the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

From http://blog.terryatjn.com/post/24749339216/hackny-lessons-week-3 ,

Tech learnings:

  • RMagick is powerful.
  • The smartest way to compare images is to get a reliable signature (checksum) of the image that is based on the colors of the image.
  • Partials in Clojure are cool.
  • Take-while in Clojure and closures can be great to set race conditions – take-while #(< % 4000000)
  • Git… requires some supervision from other people in your organization if you want everyone to work the same way
  • Being exposed to different ways of coding when you have already found your own click on a certain language – Ruby – is very enriching
  • It would take at least two months if not more to stop developing features and solving bugs, and instead make all the codebase beautifully written. It’s not worth it, so try to make it beautiful from the beginning. Or deal with it.

Startup learnings:

  • Would you mind to work on a problem for five years? Better yet, would you mind to talk/think/be all in about your startup 24/7 for the next 5 years? That’s what your life will be, so if the answer is yes, do it. Otherwise make it a pet project
  • It helps if you know straight away how to get revenue from your customers if you are trying to raise funds.
  • But if you feel like your idea would change the world for good, even though you don’t know how to make money out of it, go for it anyway.
  • Megaman will be my inspiration for UX from now on! http://bit.ly/KCb15e
  • I already know this but just for the sake of repetition. Have a life. Being in a circle jerk isn’t the best thing for your startup.
  • Our lecturers’ tips are kinda repetitive so I guess it’s cool to internalize everything.

Life learnings:

  • I should worry less about sanitation conditions on NYC restaurants.
  • I got lost the day before a shooting in East Harlem and survived (LOL!). It looked sketchy as hell though.
  • I adore Twitter/Hacker News and some subreddits /r/blackhat , /r/ELIMF yet I have to find a way to have time to check them out everyday, work doesn’t really let me do that.
  • Again. Committing to do something every day when you have obligations like work or school is hard. I will overcome it.
  • Rather than a learning this is a doubt. I’m not sure whether it’s worth it or not to stop caring
  • I definitely can only deal with my hypochondria by giving me 2 weeks to get better from whatever illness I have.



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