hackNY Lessons: Week 2

Awesome fellow Terence Nip  had a great idea and he is going to post his weekly learnings on his blog.

From http://blog.terryatjn.com/post/24222772432/hackny-lessons-week-2 ,

I want to come up with a good article on Mocks and Stubs soon, keep tuned, it’s only that I haven’t had much time for it.

Tech learnings:

  • Clojure seems to be very intuitive and productive for me. So glad I’m doing my #hackny project with it.
  • There’s a real need for vim in some environments like the one I’m working on at Lifebooker.
  • Not really a new learning but it’s a pain to learn how a new system is tied up together.
  • I get mad every time I see people don’t use ||= .
  • Tmux can be nice but nowadays I can find easier workarounds to the problem it solves.
  • It’s so hard to test a tracking pixel outside production.
  • Again my testing is getting a bit more solid than before, although I hate the need we have to mock/stub almost all objects.
  • I won’t read so much about a technology that I want to learn anymore. Fb’s motto “move fast and break things” works better for me.
  • So it does my fellow Matt’s tip on learning a language  – “solve project Euler problems with it”
  • People are dumbasses uploading secret tokens to github. You probably already knew this if you follow me on Twitter
  • Even though I’m not the best when it comes to solve git problems, my workflow is simple, efficient and if anything goes wrong it’s always easy to fix. The one where I work is not as simple and it was a major source of problems for the 3 new hires so me and a buddy from work will propose a new one. I love how open is the company that one can introduce such a change in his 3rd week.

Startup learnings:

  • Be your cofounder’s best friend.
  • On the same lines, keep all the paperwork straight with them.
  • If possible, work side by side.
  • Some people are trying to force me thinking models with no revenue prospective should be backed up, maybe I’m too conservative about it but the vast majority of the ideas that I see being funded like this are not worth 10x the investment.

Life learnings:

  • It’s freaking hard to commit to do something daily, even weekly.
  • My project for hackny demofest is going to take me several hours of work. So be it, that’s why I’m here.
  • Chinatown is a nasty ghetto at night. At least Canal St is close by.
  • Central Park is totally fine at night.
  • I came across the entrance of the hospital where Michael tries to protect his father from being killed in the Godfather (1). I really got the creeps.
  • Trying to keep up with people 6 time zones away seems to be harder than when I was in California, our schedule is completely messed up.
  • Unless you’re good friends with your coworkers, try to not know what their personal background is (professional background is ok.)
  • If you keep your ears open, you’re bound to learn a lot everyday especially if surrounded by the right people. I just hope it won’t become a circle jerk (hackny).
  • Work from 6 to 9 on your own stuff, no one is going to bother you and you won’t have to say no to social stuff later on. No checking emails, facebook, whatever, just work straight ahead with a bottle of your favorite drink on the table (it can be Macallan or chocolate milk, who cares)

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